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Complete Heating Services in Kamloops – Furnaces, Boilers and More

Looking for residential or commercial heating services in the Kamloops area? Look no further than Service Plus Plumbing & Heating. We service all makes and models of furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and air handlers. We also provide sheet metal work for HVAC renovations and new construction projects in the area. 

We are here to keep you comfortable all year round. Our services are aligned to keep your heating systems operating as efficiently as possible for as long as possible.

We provide sales, maintenance, repairs and installation:


As Kamloops’ furnaces expert, Service Plus Plumbing & Heating can troubleshoot and repair nearly any furnace-related issue. We will also provide tips on how to best maintain your furnace so you can avoid those late-night emergency repair calls.

Heat Pumps

To extend the life of your heat pump, return and supply registers should be cleaned regularly. You should also have Service Plus Plumbing & Heating come out at least once a year to inspect and perform tune-ups on your heat pump. We will look at the indoor coil, filters, blower and ducts to ensure the entire support system is intact.

Air Handlers (Electrical)

The air handler unit is one of the most important parts of your indoor comfort appliances. This unit feeds (supplies) heated and cooled air throughout the duct system and then receives (returns) air back to the unit to be re-filtered and re-supplied.


We service, repair and install boilers for residential and commercial properties throughout Kamloops and the surrounding areas. Having your boiler serviced each year will lower your heating costs, reduce the odds of a breakdown, keep your insurance valid and help businesses stay compliant with municipal bylaws.


Who doesn’t like a nice, warm fire to heat the home on a cool winter’s evening? To keep your wood-burning stove or fireplace safe for use and avoid chimney fires, you should have your chimney inspected each year to ensure creosotes are not building up to unsafe levels. Check out our wide variety of fireplaces in our Fireplace Gallery showroom.

Ductless Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are excellent for conditioning the air in rooms where adding air ducts would be impractical or prohibitively expensive. We offer sales, maintenance, repairs and installation services for ductless split systems to home or business owners throughout the Kamloops area.

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