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HVAC Contractor working with some cables

There's something wrong with your HVAC system, so you pick up the phone or look for an HVAC company near you. But wait—there are a few considerations you should go over before you hire an HVAC contractor. After all, you want to go with a company you can trust and rely on. Here's what you should ask your contractor before you hire them.

Are You Bonded and Certified? If you need a new heating or cooling system, you need to make sure the HVAC team you hire is bonded and certified. Qualified HVAC contractors will have insurance, meet bonding requirements, and be certified to work on your system. This protects homeowners in the event a contractor doesn't complete the job and covers any repair costs associated with shoddy work. At Service Plus, our HVAC contractors are trained, bonded, and certified for your peace of mind. What Size Unit Do I Need? There are various types of air conditioners, from wall units to split systems and more. There are also different sizes to consider. Having the right size HVAC unit can mean the difference between a comfortable home and feeling miserable. Air conditioners that are too small for your home or business will continuously run, which not only costs you more on your energy bills, but they also break down faster. An AC unit that is too large won't stay on long enough for proper air circulation. The right HVAC contractor will know the perfect size unit for your home and also offer repair services in the event something happens. Do You Have Maintenance Plans? In our busy day-to-day lives, regular HVAC maintenance can slip our minds. Pretty soon, you try to turn on your heat or air conditioning and notice strange sounds or unusual behaviour. Ask your HVAC company if they offer maintenance plans. A maintenance plan keeps your unit running efficiently by spotting issues early on and keeping the equipment clean. Do You Offer Free Estimates and Financing? Shouldering the cost of a new HVAC system or repairs can be daunting. However, it's easier to plan ahead and budget when you have an idea of how much to set aside. Ask your contractor if they offer free estimates on jobs. There are also ways you can save money on a new HVAC system, such as choosing to install the system in the off-season when contractors aren't as busy. You might also want to ask about any financing options the company offers. We offer convenient financing options through Financeit. Find an HVAC Contractor Near You If you want to make an informed decision, you should ask your HVAC contractor these questions before hiring them. It will provide you with peace of mind, and you'll know you're hiring a team that stands behind their work. Are you in need of HVAC services or a plumbing and heating contractor in the Kamloops area? Call Service Plus or send us a message today to get your free estimate. We'll help keep your home comfortable year-round.


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