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Whether you need custom ductwork for a new construction project or require repairs and maintenance for your existing HVAC system, our team is here to help. Whether for residential and commercial projects, we have served as highly trusted sheet metal contractors in Kamloops for over 15 years. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive services such as the installation of customized sheet metal, ductwork and ventilation systems.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, we strive to help businesses and homes improve indoor air quality.


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An Essential Part of Your Business

Ventilation is an essential part of most businesses. An optimal network of air ducts allows for even temperature in every corner of your building. Even the most efficient HVAC units can’t reach their full performance potential without proper ductwork. This is why Service Plus Plumbing & Heating creates custom-made ductwork and other sheet metal parts. With a ventilation network perfectly fitted to your business needs, keeping our business at the optimum temperature becomes easier.

We offer sheet metal ductwork and ventilation services performed by trained contractors for all types and sizes of projects, including:

New construction

Benefits of Using Sheet Metal in Construction and Restoration

Here are the advantages of using sheet metal:

Customizable: Custom sheet metal installation is preferred by experts in a various sectors because of its flexibility. You may pick the design and material of the item you need. Enhanced customization makes it simple to get around a variety of obstacles.

Lightweight parts: Sheets made with sheet metal fabrication are often lighter than parts made with other methods. Sheet metal fabrication can be used to make customized sheets out of a various of lightweight metals such as aluminum and manganese. Depending on its durability, price, and weight, you can select the metal that suits your project. As a result of the lighter materials, shipping and overall costs are lower.

Time-efficiency: Custom metal sheet fabrication saves time by utilizing technology such as computer-controlled systems to create shapes that are easily customized for the job at hand. Better time efficiency and accuracy can result in happier customers.

Reliability and durability: Sheet metal has the advantage of being highly robust and dependable. Furthermore, since it is heat and highly durable, it may be used to create long-lasting products.

Easy to use: Installing sheet metal components is simple since you may personalize them to your needs. The sheet metal can be shaped in a various ways to meet the required task. Custom sheet metal services are also beneficial to HVAC experts because they allow them to design ductwork precisely.

Why Hire a Custom Sheet Manufacturer?

In the construction business, using dependable and trustworthy suppliers is critical for appropriate design, installation, security and regulatory compliance. Sheet metal fabricators are no different; in the construction industry, their ethics and dependability in providing outstanding products and services are crucial. Service Plus Plumbing & Heating believes in developing a long-term, trusting connection with the customer to deliver profitable future projects. Our sheet metal contractors in Kamloops offer customization based on your needs and demands. Here’s what makes our services unique and reliable:

Precision work

Our skills, perfected across 15 years of experience, ensure precision workmanship in every project so that you don’t have to suffer the same ductwork issue any time soon.

High-quality parts

We understand the importance of having a dependable heating system in your home and office. That’s why we use quality parts from industry-leading manufacturers to be able to deliver the excellence our customers expect from us.

Professionals who care

Our ductwork professionals and sheet metal contractors receive ongoing training to acquire the latest knowledge and expertise in the trade. This empowers our team to smartly perform complex jobs and deliver a seamless furnace service experience to our customers.

Give us a call – we also offer 24-hour emergency repairs.



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