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Commercial Refrigeration Repair

When you are in the food business, having trouble with your refrigerators is a nightmare. Commercial refrigerators require regular maintenance to run smoothly, without which they fall into disrepair, causing all sorts of problems to the business. If you want to hire a commercial refrigeration repair technician for preventative maintenance, look no further - Service Plus is the best choice for you. We have experienced experts who can serve you around the clock.

The reasons to hire a technician are:

  • Experience - As professional commercial refrigeration repair technicians, we have years of experience that has helped us hone our skills to provide efficient services. We have repaired all sorts of makes and models and keep ourselves updated with the skills needed to repair new models.

  • Expertise - To be a licensed commercial refrigeration repair technician, we have to undergo training, which involves mechanical expertise and customer service. We are not only experts at operating all the equipment needed to repair and install commercial refrigerators but also quickly learn how to manage new systems. Additionally, we must have good near distance vision and steady hands to carry out maintenance and repairs with precision. So, we are truly fully equipped to handle any commercial refrigeration repair.

  • Safety - Commercial refrigerators are complex and powerful appliances. Repairing them on your own could seriously injure you. Also, if you don't do the job properly, you'll end up risking your customers' safety by selling them damaged products. By hiring a technician, you can ensure the security of your workers and customers. We also follow safety protocols to ensure there is no risk of damage to the property.

  • Extend the life of refrigerators - Commercial refrigerators are an expensive investment that needs to be protected. With regular maintenance and timely repairs provided by skilled technicians like us, the refrigerators will function efficiently and will continue to do well till they reach their maximum lifespan. We not only carry out regular maintenance for you but also give you tips on maintaining your refrigerators daily.

Trying to carry out maintenance and repairs on your commercial refrigerator is not going to help you reduce your expenditure. If anything, improper care will further impede the smooth functioning of your equipment and lead to costly repairs. In extreme cases, you will have to replace your refrigerator. By hiring us, you can save time, money and ensure that your business doesn't get affected by faulty refrigeration. Count on Service Plus for all your commercial refrigeration requirements. We also offer plumbing, cooling and heating services in Kamloops. Read our blog to know how to prevent heating and furnace system failure at the worst times. Contact us today for an estimate on commercial refrigeration repair.


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