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man repairing a furnace

As one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in your home, it is important to keep track of how efficiently your furnace is working. You must know when to replace it before it is going to cost more in repairs than buying a new one. You can always count on Service Plus Plumbing & Heating in providing you with reliable furnaces that create a healthy and comfortable home environment.

We have been providing quality plumbing and heating services in Kamloops since 2001. All our employees are certified, bonded and factory-trained. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional workmanship and service. Let’s look into a few of the factors that can help you determine when it’s time to replace your furnace.

  • The Age of Your Furnace The average life expectancy of a furnace system is 15-20 years, depending on maintenance and usage. See in your owner’s manual or inspect the system’s model number to know how old your system is. Replace it by upgrading to a new energy-efficient furnace.

  • Increased Energy Bills Higher than usual energy bills means that your furnace system is working less efficiently. This might be because the internal parts might have worn out. The extra amount that you pay for the energy bills can go towards purchasing a new furnace.

  • Excessive Dirt, Dust or Rust Particles If you notice more dander, dust, rust, soot or dirt building up continuously within your home while your furnace is running, it’s a clear indicator to install a new furnace system.

  • Frequency of furnace repair Most furnaces have to be repaired in the last two years of their lives. Add up the amount that you had to spend on repairs for your furnace over the last two years and see if it’s cost-efficient to purchase a new one. If you had to spend money on more than two furnace repairs in the last year, it’s better you replace your furnace with a new energy efficient one.

  • Your furnace makes strange noises If your furnace is popping, rattling or making loud noises, it means that your system is facing cracks, leaks or other structural issues. This is a clear indicator that your furnace is at the end of its life and it’s better that you get a new one.

  • Your burner flame is yellow instead of blue If the flame of your furnace is yellow instead of blue, it means that your furnace system is creating carbon monoxide or the fuel is not burning efficiently as it should. Any flame colour that is not blue indicates incomplete combustion and potentially dangerous scenarios such as leaking gas. If your furnace is such signs, leave your house and contact your utility company to turn your gas off.


We at Service Plus Plumbing & Heating are happy to help you with all your heating, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration needs. Our tradesmen are confident in providing a guarantee for the work we do and are among the best in the industry. We can provide you with quality furnaces for your home and can help you with tips that prevent your furnace system from failing at the worst times.

Call us if you need to purchase a new furnace for your home.


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