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With winter quickly approaching in Kamloops, it's important to make sure that your furnace and heating system aren't going to fail on a freezing night when you need heat the most. At Service Plus Plumbing & Heating, we provide comprehensive heating services in Kamloops, including furnace and heating system repair. Here are our top tips for preventing an inconvenient and potentially costly heating system failure at the worst possible times.

  1. Schedule routine furnace maintenance Regular furnace maintenance in Kamloops is the number one way to prevent breakdowns, especially in the winter when your furnace needs to work extra hard. A trained and certified technician will be able to inspect your furnace, perform any necessary maintenance and repairs, and clean and tighten all of its important components. They will also make sure that the combustion process is occurring properly and safely.

  2. Regularly change your furnace filter The easiest furnace maintenance task that you can perform on your own is to change your furnace filter at least every three months, or as often as is recommended by your filter manufacturer. A dirty or clogged filter will block free air flow and make your furnace work harder, potentially causing it to fail.

  3. Vacuum your vents and registers Just as a dirty furnace filter can obstruct airflow, so can dirty and clogged floor registers and air return vents. Once in a while, it is a good idea to go from room to room vacuuming your vents and registers to remove any built-up dust and debris. Make sure that your vents and registers aren't blocked by any furniture either.

  4. Keep your furnace intake and exhaust clear Your furnace's intake and exhaust pipes, which are located along the outside of your home, are crucial for proper furnace operation. If they become blocked by snow, then the system can stall and shut down. It is also possible for exhaust fumes to become trapped and cause a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide. Always check that your intake and exhaust pipes are clear after a snowstorm.

  5. Know the signs of a failing furnace Before a furnace breaks down, there are typically some signs that it is about to fail. You'll know it's time to call for professional heating system maintenance in Kamloops if you notice any of the following: • A weak and flickering pilot light • Strange and sudden noises, such as thumping, knocking, or squeaking • Frequent on and off cycling • No air/cold air coming from your vents • The presence of rust and leaks on your furnace

Professional Furnace and Heating System Repair in Kamloops If your furnace requires regular maintenance or if you need repairs to your heating system, then you can count on Service Plus Plumbing & Heating for expert furnace and heating system maintenance in Kamloops. We provide professional residential and commercial heating services for all makes and models of furnaces. To schedule preventative maintenance or repairs for your heating system, don't hesitate to contact Service Plus Plumbing & Heating today.


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