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air conditioning Kamloop

Keeping a cool head with the rigours of regular home maintenance can be challenging. Jobs mount up, coming and going, on top of your job and family commitments. Then the one thing that kept you sane during the summer stops working. This is when you need to get your AC fixed. However, you probably could have avoided the problem before it occurs with routine maintenance.

Filter Replacement Any filters that are clogged or dirty at best block airflow, and at worst, make it unsanitary. They can restrict airflow, causing polluted air to bypass it and damage the air conditioner's coils. Filters need to be routinely replaced or cleaned. Depending on the air conditioning unit, the filter can be anywhere in between the wall and the unit itself. Some systems have filters that always require replacement, while it is possible to clean others. New filters can also increase the efficiency of the device by up to 15%. On average, filters should be changed every month or two. This can change depending on your home's conditions (pets, dust) and how often it is used. There is also a range of varying quality filters for different situations, so speak to a professional for advice on routine AC maintenance. Coils The two primary coils in your AC unit are the condenser and evaporator coil. Both of these require routine AC maintenance, as they are vital components of your system, and they collect dirt over time, decreasing their efficiency. The evaporator coil should be checked every year, as even with regular filter replacements, it will still collect dirt. The dirt prevents its ability to insulate, therefore absorbing less heat. Less absorption means more energy usage, adding to the cost of your utility bills. If you have outdoor condenser coils, then you have increased exposure to dirt and debris in the environment. You should be able to see dirt and foliage collecting around the coil, so it is easy to clean it yourself. However, the unit's inside may be a different story, and you should call a local Kamloops AC maintenance company. Fins Aluminum fins on the coils can bend easily, blocking the airflow through the unit, decreasing efficiency once more. Specialists in air conditioning in Kamloops will have a fin comb tool that will restore these fins to almost factory specifications. Air Conditioning Kamloops Drainage Help Your drainage pipes can also become encrusted with dirt. While you may be able to do a quick fix by passing a wire through, you should sign up for a more thorough clean from a professional. This is because any excess moisture can leak out and cause damage to nearby fittings. Hire a Professional Today While some of these maintenance tasks can be done yourself, your air conditioning specialists' regular maintenance in Kamloops is affordable and will save you time and hassle. Call us for a quote today to let the professional bring you peace of mind.


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