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3 Words to Help You Know When to Call an Emergency Plumber

An emergency requires immediate action, but it can be a challenge to know when something requires the immediate attention of outside help, can wait, or can even be repaired by you. In the case of plumbing, three words can help you decide if you have a plumbing emergency: flowing, no-ing, and smelling.



If water is flowing where it shouldn’t, it’s potentially an emergency. Try to contain it and stop the flow, but it’s best to call a plumber to ensure proper resolution.


In the case of a backed-up and overflowing sink or toilet, use a plunger and/or a drain snake. If it resolves the issue, you do not require emergency plumbing services, but a plumber should be called to investigate especially if the problem reoccurs. If the clogging and overflowing continue, you have a plumbing emergency.


Damaged or burst pipes are emergencies. All you can do is shut off the water, either at the source of the break or at the main shutoff, call a plumber, and try to mitigate water damage by cleaning up as much water as possible.

Staining, dampness, or puddles may indicate a serious problem. You can try to find the source of this yourself and shut the water off, but emergency plumbing services should be called in to prevent further damage or the development of mould.

A good rule of thumb is anytime you need to shut off the water to fix something, you have a plumbing emergency.



When there is slow or no evacuation of water or low pressure at the source, there may be a clog or a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you will require emergency plumbing services.


Similarly, if you have no hot water or no water at all, you have a plumbing emergency. A plumber can tend to both issues unless the lack of water is due to a water outage.



If you smell rotten eggs, you may have a natural gas leak. Other indications are a hissing or whistling sound, gas flames that are orange instead of blue, and people in the house feeling dizzy, having difficulty breathing, suffering from a headache, and just not feeling well. Shut off the gas, evacuate, and call a plumber or 911 if the smell is extremely bad.

If you smell feces or sewage throughout the house, you may have a problem with sewage backup. This requires emergency plumbing services because it can lead to severe damage as well as illness. In addition to the smell, water coming up the sink when the toilet is flushed may also indicate a backed-up sewer.


Plumbing Services in Kamloops

If you have any urgent problems with your plumbing system in the Kamloops area, call Service Plus Plumbing & Heating. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services and gas leak checks. We can also help with all your non-emergency plumbing worries, such as dripping faucets, recurrent clogs and drainage issues, and mould and mildew.


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