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As summer approaches and temperatures inevitably rise, we’ll soon be turning up the air conditioning to beat the heat again. Our advice? Keep calm and cool on, but remember these proven proactive tips to keep temperatures pleasant throughout the season, while also keeping costs in check by cooling those rising energy bills too.

Begin With Proper Maintenance of Cooling Systems An easy way to quickly reduce energy consumption by as much as 5 to 15 percent is to simply clean or, if necessary, replace your furnace filter every 3 months, thereby preventing airflow blockages and improving your unit’s efficiency. Also, ensure that all units located outside are free of debris and dirt, and clear of all surrounding foliage. Schedule Regular Professional Checks Calling for a seasonal professional check of your air conditioning system can help identify and prevent possible future problems. No one understands your air conditioning unit better than the trusted professionals at Service Plus Plumbing & Heating in Kamloops, who can quickly handle all your air conditioner repairs and restore your cooling system to optimal performance levels. Running Your Air Conditioning Efficiently and Cost-Effectively An effective and simple way to reduce your cooling bill is by setting your AC temperature as high as is comfortable. For instance, simply setting it at 24°C rather than 21°C could result in a potential 18% reduction to your summer energy costs. A good measure to keep in mind is the adage: the greater the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the higher the energy consumption and hence, the higher your cooling bills for the season. Other Useful Advice to Lower AC Consumption During the Day Save activities that produce heat, such as cooking or hair-drying, for evening hours when indoor and outdoor temperature differences are not so marked, keeping your AC from working overtime to compensate for the added heat. Also, whenever possible, keep curtains, blinds and window treatments drawn during peak hours and do use ceiling, floor or table fans. Though not meant to cool rooms, fans will make the temperature more bearable, and if used in tandem with the AC, they will help disperse the cooled air much more efficiently and effectively. If Your Air Conditioning Isn’t Functioning Efficiently Because your AC sits idle for long periods of time, it’s highly recommended to get it professionally checked every year. And remember, all air conditioning units have a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. If you’re looking for expert certified and ticketed technicians, turn to the experts at Service Plus Plumbing & Heating in Kamloops and schedule an appointment today for all your air conditioning needs.


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